Inside the pages of this book, 20 women have shared how they have reached a level of SUCCESS, powered by meaningful relationships. They have done so by, meeting the needs of others, being a connector, and building a network. None of us claim to be experts; we share only from our hearts to yours.

In this book, you will learn from each Empire Creator who wrote a chapter and will also receive written exercises to immediately apply what you learn. Each Author chose a topic that they know you need, and each has provided you with valuable tips and tools you must apply to be successful. You will learn personal development and business techniques because when your personal life suffers, your business will suffer.

The wisdom within these pages is from many years of blood, sweat, and tears from each author, to get to where they are today. In my opinion, any women who have lived 40+ years has some knowledge to share with others. I hope that when you read this book, you will discover some new ways of doing things differently or get new ideas of changes you can make in your life. Who knows, maybe you will think your life has been boring and want to take some action!