I didn’t claim to have all the answers about building relationships. However, through my journey I’ve had the joy of learning how essential relationships are. Success is not about how much we possess; rather, it’s about learning throughout our lives what is most important, not only for us, but for others. It’s about learning to serve, learning to care, and learning to give. Those words sound easy, but it takes a heart-full effort to build meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. Through this journey of life, I’ve not only experienced meaningful relationships, but I have had the opportunity to watch what happens in the lives of other when those relationships are built. It is an indescribable emotion-filled experience to watch what happens when relationships are made in a community of women–all with the same goal of success; yet all taking unique avenues. It’s just simply amazing!

Inside the pages of this book, 20 women have shared how they have reached a level of SUCCESS, powered by meaningful relationships. They have done so by, meeting the needs of others, being a connector, and building a network. None of us claim to be experts; we share only from our hearts to yours.

This book was written for you in order to encourage you to seek out relationships in your life, be an encourager to you when you feel stuck in relationship building, share with you how a community of women an make a difference in the lives of others, and to have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to reach success powered by relationships.