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Sharing Ministries International

Speaker Topics

  • Pieces of Me
  • Conversations of Courage
  • Take Off Your Mask
  • Declutter As You Build Your Empire
  • The Purpose Of A Positive Attitude

Daria Dillard Stone’s Profile

Mentor, Award-Winning Author, International Motivational Speaker, and Minister, Daria Dillard Stone helps others measure their success by how many lives they have helped change. Her main focus remains on identifying what your challenges are, helping you to overcome what has temporarily overcame you, and launching your newly found strength and success to make you more purposeful and profitable. Daria believes, and stands by, people matter as much as profit!

Daria enjoys leading retreats, facilitating workshops, and her career as a vocalist in order to edify her audience with passion. She is best known for engaging, encouraging, and empowering her audience to be champions of courage, positive change, and supportive of all mankind. Whether you, or your audience, needs personal, professional, and/or spiritual transformation, Daria is the right fit for you.

Daria is a certified Family Development Specialist, with over 14 years of experience with PACE; and over 25 years of experience in organizing, mobilizing, and networking in various capacities. She is authentic, transparent, energized, humorous, and open-minded as she shares her life-altering experiences; which include, but not limited to: depression, divorce, death, and overall defeat. When you are ready to hear the truth, and nothing but the truth, contact Daria Dillard Stone today!

“A career is what you are paid for; a calling is what you are made for.”

Books by Daria Dillard Stone

The leading cause of failing entrepreneurs is incompetence, lack of managerial experience, neglect, fraud, disaster, cash flow problems, and lack of experience.

Do you often worry if you will be on the failing side of entrepreneurship? Are you
tired of watching success happen for everyone, but you? Are you exhausted from
being hounded to invest thousands upon thousands on your education?
Are you frustrated or worrisome more than you are excited?

It is time for you to transform! Step into CEO status! Jump off the feast to famine roller coaster! Transform your business into an Empire! Connect, Collaborate, & Conquer with 16 Empire Creators! Step by step instructions to immediately apply what you learn about the intrinsic details of creating an Empire! Learn from 16 Empire Creators! Get ready! Get clear! Get organized! Get going! Create, Build, & Sustain Your Empire! READ MORE…

Inside the pages of this book, 20 women have shared how they have reached a level of SUCCESS, powered by meaningful relationships. They have done so by, meeting the needs of others, being a connector, and building a network. None of us claim to be experts; we share only from our hearts to yours.

This book was written for you in order to encourage you to seek out relationships in your life, be an encourager to you when you feel stuck in relationship building, share with you how a community of women an make a difference in the lives of others, and to have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to reach success powered by relationships. READ MORE…

The wisdom within these pages is from many years of blood, sweat, and tears from each author, to get to where they are today. In my opinion, any women who have lived 40+ years has some knowledge to share with others. I hope that when you read this book, you will discover some new ways of doing things differently or get new ideas of changes you can make in your life. Who knows, maybe you will think your life has been boring and want to take some action!

No matter where you are, know it is perfect for you, and it is never too late to discover and try something new in your life. Let’s go on a journey and imagine all the possibilities you are about to discover. READ MORE…