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Built on a foundation of faith and integrity, Sharing Ministries helps women from all walks of life to develop character, clarity, and courage by offering spiritual guidance, educational resources, business connections, and moral support. 

2021 Vision 2 Victory

“She Never Gave Up”


Hello! My name is Daria Dillard Stone, The Servant, Founding CEO of Sharing Ministries International. WELCOME to the 11th Anniversary of Sharing Ministries International – Vision 2 Victory “She Never Gave Up” Conference Celebration! 

You don’t know how honored I am that you are here. Because despite whatever you have been through, God gave you a vision, and you turned it into a victory, and “You Never Gave Up!” Sharing Ministries is evidence of what my “She Never Gave Up” story is all about. Sharing Ministries had a beginning of grief and heartache from the death of my husband (2007). Feeling lost, lonely, and left out was not a place I wanted to stay, and I didn’t! You see, I know what it feels like to be suicidal – I tried it in 1974. I also know what it feels like when the doctors say, “this is all we can do – 1984.” That is why I am proud to say that a portion of your ticket purchase will go to YWCA Dayton and Billi’s BElievers. I never gave up, and you and I are pregnant with purpose as we tunnel through our tribulations despite a Covid and before Covid. We are here, and we celebrate the tenacity we have all had as we appreciate life more and find value in others. Despite what the pandemic did that was negative – many positive experiences and opportunities materialized because “during the pain there was gain!” 

This conference celebration is OUR way of rallying in support of all of us who Never Gave Up when we lost jobs, loved ones, loss dignity , and even lost hope – we are more than conquerors – Romans 8:37 “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

During this conference you will be encouraged to: 

  • Stop feeling like you are not enough and feel “Enough is You!”
  • Stop saying what you can’t do and start showing the world what you can do!
  • Stop saying what you don’t have and start using what you do have!
  • Remind yourself that you are not a failure in anything; you are anything but a failure!

This event will focus on your life experiences, as speakers share their hearts on why they never gave up and how successful that has made them. Even more, I will be introducing a new program I am developing to help you release your S.T.A.R. Power! Again I say welcome – so glad You Never Gave UP!

What Others Are Saying

 “I was so inspired by the women who were authentically speaking their truth. I loved how Ms. Sanders started off with a song and had a powerful message on self-worth. Incredible!”

 “The SM Virtual event was well organized, professionally orchestrated, and you are indeed an example Mama D of someone who “NEVER GAVE UP!” Excellent speakers – I am so impressed.”

“Sharing Ministries has been a silent icon in our community. Attending this conference, I witnessed what “never giving up looks like,” which made me feel encouraged. Plus, they had some fantastic door prizes.”

” I loved the fact that when you purchased your ticket or sponsor in 2020 you get free access to the in-person event in 2021. You know that is a great incentive. Ms. Daria!”

“When Elena told her story with such passion and energy, I got chills – she is good! I am glad she never gave up!”

“This virtual event was my first, and I was amazed how the speakers kept you wanting more.”

“I could listen to all of the speakers over again. I really enjoyed Ms. Rahrig in her presentation.”

“Dr. Denise talked about how she has overcome significant health issues, and she never gave up. That presentation was so inspiring and uplifting. I really was touched and inspired by her.”

 “Each speaker talked of an area of their life that most of us try to forget. Ms. Terra spoke on the “Giants in the Land,” and I felt she was talking to me only. I needed that.”

 “I have so much respect for all the speakers – when Ms. McGuire shared how she stayed in her marriage with such faith and determination, that blessed me!”

“Gwen Warren’s story was incredible! Who knew she would take the lemons of her life and make lemonade. I don’t think I could be that brave. Just beautiful! I can’t wait to visit her Lily Of The Wellness Center.”

Partner Sponsors:
Transform International
Steve Muhammad
Supporter Sponsors:
Carol Mason
Mary Miller/Dream Catalyst
Friend Sponsors:
Tiffany Countryman
Terra Pernell
Jeanne Porter
Rachel Gut
Dawn Thomas
Laima Ratikis
Philitia Charlton
Marilyn Caporini
Serendipity Community Care
Inspire Me Learning Academy
Tammar’s Creative Designs
Mia Wortham Spells
Brenda Turner

Speakers Include:

Daria Dillard Stone
Founding CEO Sharing Ministries LLC
Elena Rahrig
Founding CEO of Transform International
Jen Papadakis
Small Business Owner
Gwendolyn  Smith
Founder Lily Of the Valley Wellness Center
Minister Pamela Cone
Assistant Pastor
Rev Dr. Denise Gilmore
Scholar/Breast Cancer Survivor
Juanita-Michelle Darden
Owner of Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar
Terra Pernell
Owner The Backhouse – Your Hospitality Venue
Marsha Bonhart
Retired Director of Media and Public Relations for Dayton Public Schools

Door Prizes Include:

Daria Dillard Stone
The After Pandemic Pamper Basket
Valued at: $600

Elena Rahrig
Smart Speaker with Alexa: Echo Dot 3rd Generation
Transform (Spiral Bound) Planner
6-weeks Business Coaching
Valued at: $550

Support & Sponsorship Opportunity

By the time you finish reading this, somewhere in the world another person will have committed suicide. In fact, someone commits suicide every 40 seconds (around 800,000 a year), making suicide the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. (ScientificAmerican.com).

Sharing Ministries has teamed up with Billi’s Believers: From Tumor 2 Triumph, and the Dayton YWCA to engage, encourage, and empower women and families to be champions of courage, causes, and [positive] change; whether it is personal, professional, or spiritual. Our mission is to provide a safe place for people to share their sorrow in a supportive community so they don’t ever give up.

Headquartered in Dayton, OH, Sharing Ministries’ Founding CEO, Daria Dillard Stone is an Author, International Speaker, Mentor, Singer, and Minister. Her personal tagline is: Because I care, I share. Daria and her team at Sharing Ministries focus on changing lives through building a loving and nonjudgmental community to empower others to live life to the fullest by finding, following, and fulfilling their God-given purpose.

Our current sponsors include: Transform International, with many more jumping on board quickly.

Below, you will be introduced to four options that give details to how you can collaborate to provide resources, restoration, and reconnection to others to give them a chance at life, love, legacy, and victory.

We thank you in advance for helping us share, because you care!


1 Ticket
$45 before July 5, 2021
$50 thereafter


1 Ticket
Name in the program


2 Tickets
Name in the program
Company materials included in swag bag
(items provided by sponsor)


4 Tickets
Logo in the program
Vendor Table
Company materials included in the swag bags
(items provided by sponsor)


8 Tickets
Logo on the back cover of the program
Logo inclusion in all promotion:
…social media… website… flyers
Vendor Table
Signage at event
Five minutes to speak at the event
Company materials included in the swag bags
(items provided by sponsor)

All sponsorships must be purchased by July 5, 2021.

Jen Papadakis
Gem City Market Gift Certificate
Valued at: $150

Gwendolyn Warren
(Two-1 one hour massages) Lily Of The Valley Wellness Center
Valued at: $130

Minister Pamela Cone
Two Curated Conversations Journals
Valued at: $120

Rev Dr Denise Gilmore
Encouragement Package
Valued at: $120

Juanita-Michelle Darden
Wine Gift Basket
Valued at: $100

Terra Pernell 
$100 upgrade toward any reservation in The Backhouse Experience Package
Valued at: $100


Sharing Ministries InternationalMinister Daria Dillard Stone “The Servant” is the founder of Sharing Ministries LLC. Sharing Ministries focuses on helping women and families realize their full potential personally, professionally, and spiritually. Daria states “This website was birthed out of the grief I was experiencing in 2007 when my darling husband Todd died. But now it has grown out of the grief and exemplifies the G.R.I.T. (Grace, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity).” She is an inspiring preacher/teacher, award-winning author of 3 books, and an international motivational speaker.

Minister Stone was awarded along with 6 other honorees – as one of the WOMEN OF INFLUENCE by during the 21st year of the Young Women Christian Association/YWCA. The award luncheon was held on 3.8.18 at the Dayton Convention Center over 700 were in attendance. Since 1998, YWCA Dayton has set aside one special day to recognize and honor women in our community. We are proud to present this year’s class of influential women, all of whom have made a difference through their dedication to the YWCA mission of empowering women, eliminating racism and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. On March 3, 2018, Mrs. Stone was awarded the GOALden Globe Community Service Award by the Dayton Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Daria is also a Team Director and Recognition Manager of the Transform Mastermind Group. Moreover, Daria is an award-winning co-author of three books; the first in 2016 was SUCCESS Powered by Relationships. Her second book is The 40/40 Rules Vol 2 – 40 Women Over 40 sharing wisdom and her third book is The CEO’s Playbook 1.0 – How to transform your business into an Empire and an Entrepreneur into a CEO.

Daria is an internationally known Motivational Speaker, Minister, and Mentor, she is presently the Parent Engagement Liaison for the Dayton Metro Library (since July 2017), a certified Family Development Specialist, formerly a Parent Advocate Consultant with Dayton Public Schools and was the Program Manager of Parents Advancing Choice in Education/PACE for approximately 14 years. Daria was recognized by Women in Business Networking/WiBN as one of the Top 25 Women to Watch; a vocalist and Servant Leader. She strives to be instrumental in organizing and mobilizing groups for various causes with success. Daria’s personal and professional experiences have taught her to engage, encourage, and enact positive results in the lives of others, especially women.

Minister Stone has preached/spoke at the following over the years: National Council of Negro Women/Dayton-Springfield Section, Black Alliance for Educational Options/BAEO, Women in Business Networking/WiBN, In His Presence World Ministries, Emmanuel West Baptist Church, New Life Christian Center (Middletown OH), Refresh Your Heart Women’s Conference in Lincoln Nebraska and internationally in Nassau Bahamas during the Sister To Sister Cruise in 2014- just to name a few. Daria is a widow and the mother of 3 adult children (Mrs. Keisha Lane, Ms. Katoshi Varner, Mrs. Billi Ewing, and the grandmother of four remarkable human beings (Tobi De’Ja, Kemet, Braelyn, and Trenton)

Born to entrepreneurial parents, Elena Rahrig began her training at the age of 12 when her parents began paying her to read books on business, life, and spirituality–with testing to follow. Despite wanting to be a playful teenager, her parents instilled in her “You can’t sit down and slide uphill” as they brought her to work with them to work beside their office staff for basic training.

Falling in love with books, reading became a way of life for Elena, as did speaking on stages to share her wisdom. As others began to be intrigued by her knowledge, Elena saw it best to open a group where she could mentor others beyond the realms of what her parents were able to do for her.

Being mind-centered, Elena strives to be a student as often as possible as she continues to be the trainer. With a goal to write and publish 100 books in her lifetime, Elena has set forth an incredible line-up of topics to motivate, inspire, and teach others.

Her career highlights include:

  • International Consultant and Trainer serving 9 countries
  • Author of 11 books
  • Developer of 10 Academies & 4 Programs
  • Programs were taught in prisons and schools
  • Began training as an entrepreneur at 12 years of age
  • Trained by Andy Harrington, Patrick Snow, and many others
  • Has been speaking on stages for 19 years
  • Owns and operates a mastermind group
Sharing Ministries International

Jen Papadakis

Jen is a small business owner, educator, community partner, and breast cancer survivor with a passion for serving and building community and lifting up other women. After a decade working in higher education institutions, both open-admission, and Ivy League, Jen accepted the gift and challenge of a battle with breast cancer at 34 years old and pivoted her career to open her own digital marketing business. “I finished my branding for the business in the infusion chair, trying to get the iron my body desperately needed. The only thing stronger than me is cancer, and I beat it so I can give back what was given to me in those dark hours.” 

Jen believes (sees and curates) the good in the world with her team of dedicated women and can be seen around Dayton each day bringing these stories to life. Embracing opportunity in adversity has been the single recipe for success for Jen and she takes every opportunity to lift others up as they face similarly life-changing challenges. She says her mantra daily: women carry women, and we save each other when we tell our stories. Head & Heart Social Media proudly supports a number of local small business and nonprofit clients including Gem City Market, The Dayton Metro Library, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Jen holds two university degrees (B.A., English; M.A., Rhetoric) and has expertise in digital storytelling, media relations, and targeted digital advertising.

Gwendolyn Smith Warren

Gwendolyn Warren was born in Merced, California. Her dad was in the military and the family traveled a lot and that is how she ended up at WPAFB in Dayton. Gwen’s personality exudes love, encouragement, and positive energy. She is the Founding CEO of Lily of The Valley Wellness Center/LOVWC, located at 8381 N. Main (Randolph Plaza) Englewood Ohio. She started practicing in her wellness career in 2001 – and incorporated it in 2006.

She is currently a Federal/State Workers Comp provider and she recently became a Veterans Administration provider. Gwen has given corporate massages at the following companies: Keybank, Miller-Valentine, ADP, McDonald Douglas, Samaritan North Health Center, IAMS, BankOne/Chase – just to name a few.

“My goal and passion is to create a healthier community one touch at a time. I want my customers to leave knowing they had a positive experience and they are gaining more insights on how to stay healthier and have peace of mind, body, and soul.” Ms. Warren loves to travel internationally, and she is the proud mother of her awesome son – Jonathan Warren, age 12. Gwen Never Gave UP!

Sharing Ministries International

Minister Pamela Cone

Pamela is the Assistant Pastor, alongside her husband Steven (who also is a retired veteran), of Dominion, CLGI, and has been in ministry for over 25 years. She has a passion for supporting women, especially women in ministry. Her desire is to support women in every space she serves, encouraging them to seek educational opportunities and gain access to resources. Both, she believes, are great levelers. She serves on the board for the Dayton Human Relations Council. 

Pamela is also the Director for Aviatra Accelerators – Dayton, her passion for supporting women matches the organizations’ commitment to assisting women founders to establish successful sustainable businesses. She sincerely believes she is doing exactly what she is supposed to do at this moment in her life. Her academic background is in Interior Design (AA – Sinclair Community College), Communication Studies with a concentration in Health Communication and a minor in African – American Studies received from Wright State University — Summa Cumm Laude from 2015. Professionally she has experience in clinical administration, interior design, sales, marketing, and business development. She is extremely proud of the work she did for Robin Gentry McGee at Functional Formularies as the sole full-time marketing personnel (2016 – 2019). 

As a result of Aviatra’s programs, Pamela gained the foundation she needed to realize her dream of owning her own business. She is the Founder and CEO of Curated Spaces, LLC. Her company is a fusion of her passion, talents, and skills. Her company’s flagship products Curated Christian Journals – Curated Spiritual Content and Curated Spiritual Growth are available through Alpha Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. She also produces and hosts a weekly podcast Curated Conversations with Pamela which broadcasts weekly on Envisioned Broadcasting Radio to over 170 countries and can be found on multiple platforms including Amazon, Alexa, and Spotify. Pamela’s heartbeats are her children and grandchildren: LaJoya (Mark – their daughter Grace), Stephen, and Brittney – her son Aiden. She absolutely loves being a Mimi!

Dr. Denise Gilmore

Denise is currently the Youth Pastor at Zion Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Rockney Carter and at Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church. She was both director and founder for the Zion Baptist Church Afterschool Enrichment, and Mount Carmel’s Summer Enrichment Camp. The camp serves 100 youth and employs 20 youth workers through Youth Works. It is still a part of the community today.  Her work in the community has allowed her to be acknowledged as a participant in the Triple Jeopardy Project for African American Women with Disabilities, received the Mentor of the Year award from the Mentoring Collaborative, and Key to the City award for Outstanding African American in the area of Ministry by the Dayton African American Legacy Institute Inc. She has also received The Lottie M. Mitchell Founders Award as an “Outstanding African American Woman” Outstanding Community Service from the Ohio Desert Conference-Gala Days Daughters of Isis.

Her work also involved impacting young people as a speaker for the Access Center for Independent Living’s Youth Transition program: speaking with 7th and 8th graders at Westwood Elementary and Belmont about communication and healthy relationship. She was also featured as an unsung hero in the 2015 Christmas Day edition of the Dayton Daily. Her philosophy of life is to empower, enrich, and enlighten the lives of young people by developing self-esteem, self-determination, and self-reliance. It is her belief that developing self helps one to become a change agent who helps others to develop as change agents.

Embracing change has been a vital part of her life. A medically fragile body made sure of that. A sudden paraplegic at age 14 developed her capacity to adapt to change. Her battles against breast cancer and journeying through the grief of her mother; all strengthened her to accept, adapt, and achieve through change.

She believes in the transforming power of Jesus the Christ and in the sustaining power of God Almighty. She believes that God changes self so that self can make a change in family, community, country, and world. She believes that she is fearfully and wonderfully made and that God uses whom God chooses. Ps. 139:14.

Sharing Ministries International

Juanita-Michelle Darden

Juanita-Michelle Darden is an author, entrepreneur, educator, and all-around PERKY chick!  Juanita-Michelle is the youngest child of Tom (deceased) & Lucille Darden.  She is born and raised in Dayton, a proud graduate of Dayton Public School’s Dunbar High, and a military veteran.  Juanita-Michelle is the mother of Kenan, Kendell, & Kayland.  She is the proud grandmother lovingly known to her Grands as G.  

Juanita-Michelle is the owner of Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar located at 146 East Third Street in downtown Dayton.  Third Perk Coffeehouse and Wine Bar has become a community hub in the area and has been named as a top coffeehouse in the region.  Third Perk Express opened at the Dayton Mall in August of 2019 located near the center court right outside of Macy’s Department Store.  The third café, Third Perk Express opened in May 2021 at the Gem City Market.

Third Perk has been recognized by Governor Kasich, The City of Dayton and the Dayton Business Journal as a top business in 2018.  Third Perk was a finalist as Dayton’s Best for three years.  Juanita-Michelle has been recognized as a 2017 Top Woman to Watch by the Better Business Bureau’s WIBN

Juanita-Michelle’s first published work, The Wait of Success was released in April of 2018.  Juanita-Michelle is a former tenured, Associate Professor of mathematics at Sinclair Community College for 12 years.  

Juanita-Michelle launched the SHE-Roe Storytelling event at Third Perk in 2017, recognizing that the stories of African American women mattered and needed to be shared.  In 2021 the SHE-Roe Storytelling program will begin its fourth season with 6 new women who are sharing their stories with the Dayton community.

Juanita-Michelle is a member of Phillips Temple CME Church and she is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  

Terra Pernell

Terra holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Park University, Parkville, MO. Terra is the wife (35 years) and business partner of Derrick Pernell and Daughter, Terra A. Pernell. Terra is a certified encouragement coach who assists her clients in discovering their I CAN Factor (Innate Courage to Achieve Now) TM. Terra is Co-Owner of The Backhouse, YOUR Hospitality Event Venue; Creator of a Quarterly Group Coaching Program “The Backhouse Huddle Series – Four Quarters to Jumpstart your Goals and Stay Focused on Your Dreams ©;” Co-creator and Producer of “LIVE At The Backhouse” a weekly Facebook Live broadcast; Co-owner of Crown Creations By Terra, Hair Salon and a fulltime employee of Wright-Patterson AFB (35 years) where she currently serves in the position of Procurement Contracting Officer.

Terra believes that everyone has a gift to be discovered, cultivated, and shared. Terra’s motivation and her why is rooted in her desire to help others discover their gift and encourage them to walk in it with confidence. Terra believes that not only is there value in the gifts we possess, but there is value in the person who is the carrier of that gift. When it is all said and done, Terra’s ultimate desire is to leave a legacy of God’s faithfulness for those to which she is assigned especially her children and grandchildren: Derrick Jerome (Ebony, Chyane, and De’Anthony) and Terra A’donna (Caliel, Lyrae and Lyric).

Marsha Bonhart

After nearly four decades in radio and television news in various broadcast markets, Marsha Bonhart retired as director of media and public relations for Dayton Public Schools. An experienced wordsmith, the award winning journalist was for many years the Dayton area’s only electronic health reporter, well known for breaking down complicated medical terminology to everyday language. She twice received the Ohio Public Images award for coverage of people with compromised developmental abilities, and was nominated for a television news Emmy for a series on crack addicted babies.

Among scores of other honors, in 2009, Marsha was selected as a YWCA Dayton Woman of Influence. In 2015, the YWCA Dayton selected her as the Lifetime Achievement honoree, also in 2009, she was selected by the Dayton Daily News as one of Dayton’s Top Ten Women. She now enjoys peace and quiet with her mountain of books and magazines. But she looks forward to each day that tranquility is delightfully suspended by her three, active grandchildren.

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