Do you still think your dreams are worth fighting for? Just when you think things in life can’t get worse – they get worse, don’t they?   Hello, my name is Daria Dillard Stone, The Servant. Welcome to Conversations Of Courage – The Blog!

Many of us will be able to say with all truth that 2020 was a year, unlike any year we’ve experienced. If you were already struggling with debt, marginal housing, failing health, then here comes the Pandemic – you probably felt like many in the world – life is getting too hard! Girl, “YOU GOT THIS!” I stopped by to remind you today to keep fighting because you are almost where they said you’d never go. There are some positive takeaways we can thank the pandemic for. Allow me to share some of the comments my colleagues and/or clients have shared with me and permitted me to share with you (no names will be mentioned): 1) The pandemic allowed me to learn to stop being accessible to toxic people.

2) I don’t need to see myself in other people who don’t want to see me succeed. 

3) The pandemic taught me there is a movement and a miracle in being still, and silence can be loud. The stillness made me more steady because I had time to think about why I am where I don’t want to be.

4) I learned how to weather the storm, face my challenges even if I am afraid. I now know to stay ready so that I can be ready for the next storm/challenge. 

5) You have to go through to grow to…deep 

6) I am awakening my voice – I had stopped writing, doing spoken word, but the pandemic put me back in the space I was most content. 

7) I learned how valuable and validating “self-care” is.

8) I felt more peace than fear during the pandemic because I realized none of this was something I could control, and I wasn’t going to allow it to control me. 

9) My home became my sanctuary again – I had a place I could find calm in the midst of all the chaos.

10) I learned I had not been a good steward of my finances. 

Those comments are powerful! Discovery of self is powerful! Girl (guys too) “You Got This!” As we embark upon a new year – and new normal remember the takeaways from 2020 – the year of vision. We learned many things, and it was not all good knowledge that was gained. We discovered how people feel about various ethnic groups, law enforcement, equality, and the list goes on and on. I thought it might be helpful here if I write a letter to myself (which I did in real life to encourage me). 

“Dear Sister (or brother), I want you to know you will make it through this challenging season in your life. Yes, it is hard because you are valuable and deserve God’s best. But often, like a crockpot – God is a slow cooker. And He will not allow you to get anything un-done! Stay in the F.O.G. (Favor Of God) and enjoy the gift of today; that is why it is called the “present.” Please don’t worry about what others think anymore, live my sister – love my sister, laugh my sister, and I will always be near to lift you, my sister. Until we meet again. Be well, Be Real, YOU GOT THIS.

Because I care, I share

Min. Daria Dillard Stone, “The Servant,” is the Founding C.E.O. of Sharing Ministries L.L.C. Sharing Ministries, L.L.C. mission is: Built on a foundation of faith and integrity, Sharing Ministries helps women from all walks of life to develop character, clarity, and courage by offering spiritual guidance, educational resources, business connections, and moral support.

Daria states, “This website was birthed out of the grief I was experiencing in 2007 when my darling husband Todd died. But now it has grown out of the grief and exemplifies the G.R.I.T. (Grace, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity).” She is an inspiring preacher/teacher, award-winning author, and an international motivational speaker. 

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